May 2018 Meeting Minutes


Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club May 22, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Attendees: ​​ Dianna Beavers, Katie Klenk, Lani Hyde, Michele Usselman, Betsy Klenk, Kathy Fiedler, Kerri Morton, Paige Sento, Kirsten Sandberg, Caren Hyde, Nicole O’Neil, Jennifer Nicholson, ​​ Kim Kerr, Carter Sieck, Debbie Driscoll,

Junior Board Attendees: ​​ Cayla Hyde, Georgia Sento, Gabrielle Brown


Maryland Region Games Rally Results, Thank you to Tracy Stout for being the Organizer

Seniors came in 2nd

Novice was 1st place

Juniors came in 2nd place


C Eventing Rally to take place Sat, May 26, 2018 at Loch Moy.

1 EHHPC Team going: ​​ Delaney O’Neil, Anna Fitzhugh, Leah Heiner, Caren Mecklenburg

Morgan Cillo is team coach

Nicole O’Neil, Rally organizer


Becky Lee Clinic, June 2nd , Held at the Hunt Club

Currently 0 entries, will need 5 participants to hold the clinic.

$55/pony clubber $65/non-pony club

Nicole posted the clinic info on Facebook USEA Area II and Local Horseman’s pages. EHHC members have also been notified.


June 18th at New Holland for Confirmation & Blemishes Scavenger Hunt

Meet at hunt club at 7am, this will be an all-day event. ​​ 


June 3rd Mock Rally held at the Hunt Club. ​​ Casual Trail ride to be held on hunt club grounds after the rally.

Time TBD. ​​ Clubbers should be outfitted like they are attending a real rally. Mounts should be clean and ready for inspection.

Hounds Show Opportunities

June 2nd at Bryn Mawr, Malvern, PA (2 hours away)

Kirsten Sandberg has offered to by the Pony Club Chaperone and will drive any kids interested in attending. Kirsten has 3 seats left in her vehicle.

​​ Please pack lunch or bring money for their lunch.

Shirt & tie, Khaki pants, polished paddock boots, helmet. ​​ Can bring change of clothes

EHHPC will hold 1 practice at the Kennels at 6pm on Tuesday, May 29th

Those interested in going:

Grace Diedrich – confirmed

Liam Driscoll

Brynn Blair

Giselle Barke

Kira Sandberg

Maeve Sieck


Show Jumping Rallly held June 9th at TMF.

5 teams from EHHPC going, but need 1 more stable manager.

Dianna Beavers is the rally organizer.

Make sure you send Dianna a list of the lessons you have taken to prepare for this rally


POLO Lessons will be held at EHHPC starting June 4th at 6pm

$60 per pony clubber, all polo ponies supplied, all you need to bring is helmet and proper footwear.

The lessons will always be on Mondays at 6pm. ​​ All levels included, must be able to Walk, Trot, Canter and hold the polo mallet in one hand and both reins in the other hand. ​​ Karen Steele is the Polo Organizer.

Tetrathlon June 23-24th at Bridgette Frasier’s Farm in Upperco, MD and the swimming will be held at Goucher College., Paige Sento is our EHHPC organizer

10 EHHPC kids going

1st practice is this Thursday, May 24th and will continue Thursdays thereafter until the Rally. ​​ Practice will be held at Margie Williams house at 6pm. ​​ Practice will include running, shooting and swimming.

Nikki Gorrell will oversee Swimming, Cayla Hyde will oversee running and Trevor or Turner will oversee shooting practice.


Sagamore Farm Tour

The Morning of Friday, June 29 more info forthcoming regarding meeting place and time


Selling Programs at the Grand National and Hunt Cup (last Saturday in April)

Boy Scouts cannot assist anymore and he would be interested in giving it to an equestrian organization.

Caren Hyde will correspond with Shockey Gillet about our agreement to this volunteer opportunity. ​​ 


EHHPC Summer Camp Ages 12 and under

$200/per kid

Bill and Dawn Fitzhugh are the organizers. ​​ More info will be coming out soon regarding registration

Aug 13-17, held at the hunt club

Two Instructors: Lisa Sessa and Ann Walker

Ponies will be boarded for the week.

Older pony clubbers may volunteer 13 and up

On August 17th we will hold a post camp pool party at Dianna Beavers in the evening for ALL PONY CLUB Families


USPC East Coast Championships will be held in Tryon, NC July 25-29.

If you think your clubber might be qualifying, it is suggested that you start looking at lodging asap.