Our Club’s History

Located in North Central Maryland. The Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club goes back to 1934 when Mr. & Mrs. Bedford initiated the Taylor Pony Club to provide the local children with the chance to acquire knowledge of horsemanship & horse mastership. At that time, the Taylor Pony Club was a member of the Canadian Branch of the British Pony Club. Years pass & more members joined so that around 1946 the Baltimore Harford Pony Club was founded to include all children in the Greenspring & Elkridge-Harford Hunt areas. This club was still part of the British Pony Club.

In 1953, a sufficient number of clubs existed in the US, so as to prompt the founding of the USPC, an organization on the same level as the British Pony Club. One year following, the Baltimore-Harford Pony Club was divided into two separate clubs; our own Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club & Greenspring Hounds Pony Club.

We of the Elkridge-Harford Hunt Pony Club can be proud to know that our Pony Club is the oldest in the country.

(For more information of the history of our beginnings, please go the Elkridge-Harford Hounds and click on their history page.  It goes into detail of the history of the buildings and the Hunt Club beginnings way before Baltimore became the city that it is today.)