Our Club Policies


Frequently Asked Questions



Riding attire

  • When riding, must wear shirt with sleeves or collar and legs fully covered. Conventional type riding footwear with heel is required.

  • When in the barn area must have a shoe that is securely fastened, entirely closed, covers ankle, thick-soled, made of leather or synthetic materials, in good condition



  • Minimum of 5 years in age, (there is an exception for B’s and up, they may ride a 4 year old) no stallion, or mares with foal at side


What is a Member in Good Standing?

  • USPC Maryland region requirement

  • In order to rate up or represent the club at a rally or other function, you need to be a member in good standing of the Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony club.

    • Regularly, if not always, attends activities, events, clinics and meetings of the club, except when excused by the DC

    • Completed all tasks, obligations and financial commitments established for them by the Club, Region and National organization

    • Always demonstrates good sportsmanship and respect for themselves, their mounts, and the person, mount and property of others


Volunteer Expectations

  • 12 hours of volunteer time

  • Help at Horse show and Hunter Trial

  • Maryland region help (rallies)

  • One fundraiser






Sponsor to be in good standing and to have paid dues and all member fees must be paid in full to include, but not limited to member clothing, rally fee, coaching fees etc.


Minimum Lesson Requirements

These lessons must be completed before Rally entry, but always at the discretion of the DC, as per member in good standing. ​​ The DC has the discretion to ask for checklists to be filled out for members and call the coach for verification of completion for safety reasons.


  • Attend 4 un-mounted events prior to attending a rally or rating applies to all below in addition see each discipline

  • Sponsor or parent to send in paperwork in a timely manner to include coggins and other needed forms

  • All lessons below must be with a pony club approved instructor

  • D Eventing

    • 3 cross country lessons

      • Ditch

      • Bank

      • Water

    • 4 dressage lessons

    • 2 Show jumping lessons

  • C Eventing

    • Same as D rally with addition below

    • 2 round robins or horse trials without eliminations

    • Level of eventing to be approved by DC

  • Show Jumping

  • 4 lessons

  • Dressage

    • 4 lessons

  • Polocrosse

    • 2/3rds of practices offered

  • Games

    • 2/3rds of practices offered

  • Quiz

    • D’s

      • 4 practices

  • C’s

    • 5 practices

  • Tetrathlon

    • Shooting/Swimming/Running on discretion

    • 2 show jumping lessons






Revised date 9/2017


The name of this Club, a member of The United States Pony Clubs, Inc., and of the Maryland Region, shall be Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club. ​​ In addition to these policies, this club is subject to the National, Regional and Club Bylaws, National and Regional Policies, and other rules and regulations established by USPC.


The colors of the club are Green and White.




These policies are established to provide guidance for the administration of the activities of the Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club. The policies shall in no way lessen the authority granted the District Commissioner under the By-laws of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc., the By-laws of Regions and By-laws of Registered Clubs of the United States Pony Clubs, Inc.




In accordance with the Bylaws of Clubs of the United States Pony Clubs Inc.,

Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club will have Administrative Officers (DC and one, up to three, Joint-DCs) and Club Officers (Treasurer, Secretary and Membership Administrator).  ​​​​ 





The DC may appoint Club Advisors for a year term.  ​​​​ 





Officers serve 1-year terms. ​​ No officer (DC, Joint DC, Secretary or Membership Secretary) may serve more than three consecutive terms. ​​ The office of the Treasurer, has no limit on consecutive terms.




All Administrative and Club Officers are considered members of the Board. ​​ At Board meetings each Board Member shall have a vote.


The Board is responsible for aiding the DC in the creation of the budget, drafting policy amendments and making programming suggestions for presentation to Club Sponsors.


Meetings of the Board are distinct from Sponsors meetings.





A Nominating Committee will be formed as per By-law 4.1(e).


Additional Committees listed below



Manor/Voss Races (program sales)

Games Rally

Round Robin/Horse Trial

Eventing Rally C

Show Jumping Rally

Tetrathalon Rally

Polocross Rally

Camp (D) younger members

Camp/Clinics (D/C) older Members

Horse Show

Dressage Rally

Eventing Rally D

Hunter Trials

Fox Hunting



Restaurant Fundraiser

Yearend banquet


The DC may include positions above and beyond the list above.





Sponsors include all Club Officers, as well as eligible individuals who meet all requirements, including having been accepted by the DC. ​​ Sponsors are the voting body of the Club.


Those persons wishing to support the Club, but who do not have an interest in the administration of the Club will be called “Friends of Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club”. ​​ They will receive newsletters, invitations and updates for club functions, but will not be eligible to vote. ​​ A minimum donation amount to be considered a “Friend of the Elkridge Harford Hunt Pony Club” will be determined yearly at the annual meeting of Sponsors.







The amount of Club dues for members will be determined annually through the budget process which is presented and voted on by the Sponsors at their annual meeting.


Membership fees are also paid, per member, to the Region, and to USPC, at rates set by those entities.




Board meetings are held once a month and as needed, at a time determined by the DC.


Meetings of members, mounted and un-mounted, are held according to the calendar approved annually by the Club Sponsors.


Sponsor meetings will be scheduled and held in accordance with USPC Bylaws for Registered Clubs. ​​ The annual meeting of Sponsors will be held the second Tuesday of the Month in November.


Parent monthly meetings, formally known as Sponsor’s meetings, to be held the second Tuesday of the month.




The Club may pay a portion of the entry fee for rallies or championships for competitors who comply with the Member in Good Standing Policy, at the discretion of the DC, in consultation with the Board, and if funds are available.




Candidates for National testings normally pay their own fees, but financial assistance may be offered at the discretion of the DC, in consultation with the Board, if funds are available.


Fees for local testings (C2 and below) may be paid by the club, at the discretion of the DC, in consultation with the Board, if funds are available.




The Club will develop a mounted and un-mounted instruction program using the USPC curriculum.




Funds are disbursed by the Treasurer for expenses previously approved in the Club budget. ​​ 


Any expenses exceeding the budgeted amount may be approved by the DC up to $500.00


Expenditures beyond that amount $500.00 must be approved by a vote of Club Sponsors



 ​​​​ ​​ Club Revenues/Income shall be, but is not limited to, Club Membership fees, camp, clinic and riding fees, donations, fund raising and Sponsor Fees.


 ​​ ​​​​ Club Expenses shall be, but are not limited to, fees for instructors/clinicians, facilities, rallies, certifications, awards, fundraiser expense and club administrative costs.


 ​​​​ Club Asset Categories will include, but are not limited to, Club Equipment, Club Bank Accounts, Spirit Wear, Club Library, cross country jumps, jumps standards and associated parts, Zero Turn radius mower, and Flat bed trailer




No refunds of National or Region dues or fees paid are given. No refunds of club dues or fees are given unless extenuating circumstances exist or the DC has been asked for prior approval and sufficient funds exist.


Reimbursement requests must be accompanied by a receipt and submitted to the Treasurer within 30 days and are subject to the DC’s approval for anything which is not a normal operating expense.




These policies may be amended at any time by a majority vote of a quorum of the current Club Sponsors of record. ​​ Amendments shall become effective after they have been adopted by the Club Sponsors of Record and approved by the RS, subject to review by the Vice President of Regional Administration.




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