2017 End of Year Award Winners

Pony Clubber of the Year- Darby Hyde

Darby has been an active clubber for many years even though she has not ridden for years. She is the first to volunteer and assist her fellow clubbers and is an excellent example for the younger clubbers. She has spent numerous hours “in the trenches” as stable manager and camp volunteer. She has assisted in certification process and has successful rated some of our D1 and D2 clubbers. Knowing that USPC values horsemanship and respect to your peers to the utmost, the officers voted Darby as the top candidate for this award.


Stable Manager of the Year- Sammie Warfel

Sammie has stable managed multiple rallies during the year and is always the first to volunteer when her fellow peers are in need. She keeps the teams organized and on time which is no small feat. She was a huge asset to the scramble team at Champs for eventing.


Sportsmanship Award- Ally Whitehead

As a club we strive to instill excellent sportsmanship in all of our clubbers. Ally has exhibited this sportsmanship during the year by always holding a positive attitude and lending a helping hand and encouragement to all of her fellow competitors. She exhibits great fairness, respect for her teammates and competitors, and the highest regard for the well being and care of her mount. She overcame adversity at Champs with grace and a positive attitude. We would all be proud if our younger clubbers follow in her footsteps.


Most Improved Pony Clubber- McKenna O’Neil

McKenna has worked hard during the year and has found her niche with show jumping. She achieved her D3 certification this Spring. She continues to enjoy fox hunting but has made great strides with her pony and has successfully moved up from 2’6” to 3 ft Rated jumpers. Her instruction and training for the rated jumper shows has significantly improved her riding position and confidence. We recognize the hard work and countless hours of instruction that has allowed for her success in the jumper ring.


Pony/Horse of the Year- Daddy’s Boat Money “Bubba”

This award highlights the unsung heros of the club. Bubba has helped numerous non pony owning clubbers accomplish their D ratings and was one of the favorite at camp. He has help clubbers continue to attend regular lesson when other mounts were not available.